Berthoud First United Methodist Church

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820 9th Street , Berthoud , CO 80513
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Berthoud UMC Vision

posted on January 29

Sunday, January 29th, 2018 the visioning team for BUMC shared the plan for the church for the next three years.  Four  members of the team were there to present, Davon Cook, Stu Boyd, Brian Burgess, and Pastor Emily Hagan.  The goals presented included ministering to our growing community, nurturing, sharing and serving through God's love, and being in a position to offer "full ministry" long term.

In order to accomplish this the plan includes connections with  young adults and families with children at home, weekday worship, and support by an Iliff intern. The plan is to offer a more digital presence, implement fundraising activities with a more external draw, increase staff hours to support more programs, be present at community events, develop connections with families that use our building, and support ongoing mortgage payments.

Stay tuned as the vision comes to life.

Berthoud First United Methodist Church